4 Ways Our Barcode Technology Will Make Your Job Easier


Our customers told us that they were often getting tools mixed up, resulting in damaged tools and wasted product. Our team is constantly inventing new ways to solve your problems, and so we came up with our innovative barcode system, StoneScan.

This allows for the programmer to program each job he works on, give those jobs to the operator, who will then scan each barcode. Once it is scanned, that job will automatically be pulled up and it is ready to be worked on. Our customers have found these barcode systems to be extremely beneficial to their operations, and here are four of the top benefits they have found.

       1. Improve Productivity

With your SawJet, Scanning a barcode is simple and quick, and allows your operator to pull up the next job he is working on in a matter of seconds. This reduces wasted time pulling files, or double-checking that the correct job is being looked at. Many customers have found that they were able to increase the number of jobs they do every week, without increasing their staff. Your operators will be able to work more efficiently, without second-guessing themselves or the programmer. The CNC machine will know, because of the scanned barcode, which job is being worked on, which tools are being used, and what position it is in.

          2. Reduce Operator Error through Visual Validation 

In addition to having a barcode for each job on the Sawjet, on the CNC router you can assign every tool a barcode with our Automated Tool Management. Every tool gets a barcode placed on it, and every tool has a designated holder with a second barcode on the holder. This ensures there is a place for every tool and that every tool is in its place. The operator puts the tool in the CNC machine, like the Northwood fabcenter, scans the barcode on the tool and on the holder, and the machine will know exactly which tool is being used and what position it is in. Gone are the days when the wrong tool is selected, only to have it ruined. Now, the correct tool will be used for the right project, guaranteeing accuracy.  Our Barcode Technology makes it so simple, that anyone will be able to scan the code, and the machine will tell them what they need to do.


         3. Reduce and Repurpose Your Scrap Parts

With the added accuracy our barcode technology offers, you can expect to make a lot less mistakes, resulting in less ruined slabs. Meanwhile, for your remnant pieces, instead of losing them in the corners of your shop, you can couple this technology with an inventory management system and you can keep track of them, and add them to your inventory system with barcodes to ensure they do not get forgotten.  This will enable them to be used for future smaller projects or sold in your next remnant sale.

         4. Increase Profits with Less Downtime

StoneScan can help reduce your shop’s downtime in a number of ways. Our system can monitor tool life and provide insight into your expenses towards consumables. This will ensure that replacement tools are being ordered at the right time and diminish equipment interruptions. Also, replacing tools when they need to be will prevent your operators from using worn, damaged or glazed tools, keeping their work excellent and safe.

Additionally, with the Tool Management System, you will not be spending time searching for misplaced or lost tools, as they will all be in their correct spot, or you can see where it was used last.

If you purchase a Northwood CNC machine, such as the UFC FabCenter, you will notice these improvements immediately. You can improve your accuracy, safety, and productivity with our Automated Tool Management barcode system while reducing downtime and wasted products or tools. If you find your operators misplace tools often, or enter the wrong job information, you need to digitize your fabricating shop today with our Barcode System.

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