The 5 Hottest Trends in Stone Design

Kitchen styles are always changing, and often are the first thing to show its age in a home. Stone fabricators are often the ones who know exactly what trends are big in the home décor industry, specifically kitchens and bathrooms. Being the ones installing the kitchens and working daily with the stone, you are the ones seeing what is coming in and what is getting replaced. We have identified five new trends in stone design, specifically in countertops, that you need to be prepared for by ensuring your stone CNC machine can handle them.

          1. Sustainable Design 

One of the major trends in stone design that we are seeing is sustainable design. The new generation of home owners is generally more concerned with being environmentally friendly and reducing their carbon footprint. Something your customers may ask about more frequently is whether or not your facility is using a sustainable product and where you are sourcing your stone from. The majority of stone fabricators are now producing quartz countertops as well as granite, and quartz is often cited as the more sustainable countertop option. Quartz is recyclable and is often made from post-consumer recycled glass. You should talk with your supplier about where their quarries are, so you can pass that information along to your customers. 


          2. Raw Edge Design 

One of the major home design trends today is the raw and natural look, and this is showing up in countertops as well. Having a raw edge (or chiseled edge) is a way to achieve the look that a slab of stone has been broken in half, despite actually being purposefully added by you, the fabricator. Popular in woodworking as well, having a raw edge provides a more organic, rustic look that might be a perfect fit for the natural kitchen.  The Northwood Fabcenter can help you prepare blank pieces for this design, with ease.

          3. Bright White Granite

If you haven't noticed yet, white is right when it comes to home décor. And in kitchens, especially, white on white is the look many people are going for. It provides the ultimate clean and fresh look to a kitchen or bathroom. Many fabricators have noticed in recent years that more and more people are gravitating towards white and bright countertops, so it is a good idea to have a lot of selection when it comes to white. With granite, of course, it cannot be pure white, but the brighter and whiter pieces of granite you are able to supply, the happier your customers will be.  

          4. Leathered Look Finish 

A popular and unique finish to stone countertops is to give them a leathered look finish. Also called an antiquing finish or river wash finish, it is essentially a matte finish, instead of the typical glossy, high-shine look. The finish gives an interesting and unique look to a countertop, again giving it a more natural and sometimes rustic appearance. Fingerprints and marks are less visible, and it is slip resistant. To apply this finish requires a stone CNC machine with the right head attachments, but it can be applied to marble, stone or quartz and is definitely getting more popular. The Northwood Fabcenter can help you turn standard material into leathered finish easily and efficiently.

          5. Integrated Kitchen Sinks 

To achieve a challenging design that integrates the sink into the countertop seamlessly, having a highly skilled artisan on staff is a must. Fortunately, owning a Northwood Fabcenter can also put these design options at your fingertips. Advancements in programming technology allow the fabricator to visually inspect and then execute these elaborate designs using modern technology. With a Northwood Fabcenter on staff, you can confidently and profitably provide these solutions to your customers.

No matter where trends go, you can be assured that stone will be at the center of them. Stone has been highly regarded as timeless, elegant material for hundreds of years, and is not in danger of going out of style. Your customers may ask for it in different colors, finishes, and shapes, but with the Northwood FabCenter, you will also stay at the cutting edge of the trends.