FANUC is the World Leader in Industrial Robotics

  • FANUC is the global leader for Robotics - More Industrial Robotic Installs than any other Robot Arm manufacturer in the world
  • FANUC has MORE robot  installs in the Americas than ALL other Robotic Manufacturers COMBINED
  • World-class support capabilities (cRc Group….Parts, Service & Training), and a Call Center automated like no other - true 24/7 support
  • The distinct advantage of having other product lines like CNC Controllers (also the world’s leader in this area), RoboDrills, RoboShots, Wire EDM, etc. where innovation and technology is shared
  • FANUC is the ONLY Industrial Robotic supplier with a United States based Product Development and Engineering Group; over 200 employed in this group alone.  With most manufacturers, the PD and Engineering is done all overseas


  • The FANUC name is synonymous with quality and reliability, both in Controls AND Robotics - a Mean time Between Failure (MTBF) of over 100,000 hours, and this is based upon empirical data and testing, not guestimates and projections


  • More PEOPLE - 1350+ employees in North America ALONE!
  • More FACILITIES - 200+ facilities worldwide, and 18 Regional Offices in North America - and over 32,000 Square feet
  • More PRODUCTS -  over 210 robot configurations and over 140 software packages)
  • More CAPACITY - FANUC can manufacture 5,000 robots - PER MONTH
  • More INSTALLS - Over 330,000 Robots installed Worldwide
  • More INVENTORY - Over $100M in spare parts inventory total, $80M of which is located at the Michigan Headquarters, more than any other Industrial Robot OEM
  • More APPLICATIONS - From drilling to welding, assembly to material handling, FANUC leads the way!

FANUC is a World Leader in Motion Control and Precision

  • On the ISO test For the M-900iB/400L, the pose repeatability using the ISO 9283 standard is .06mm; as good as or better than any Robotic SawJet on the market
  • The ISO test is based on a small volumetric space directly in front of the robot, and varies by robot size
  • Using the JIS test (Japanese Industrial Standard), a test where repeatability is measured over the ENTIRE coverage volume, the M-900iB/400L is within 0.5mm overall - a test many robotic arm manufacturers have not documented, or will not take or publish.
  • FANUC chooses to publish to the JIS test as a Japanese supplier, and because it is a more thorough representation of repeatability
  • Superior Motion Algorithms that enable the fastest and smoothest speeds and motion in the industry - this is made possible by decades of leadership in the development of complex Machine Control systems and self-manufactured hardware


Why choose the Foundry Pro M900 Series?

  • The Foundry Pro with and IP 67 Rating has a submersible wrist and corrosion resistance paint and hardware that is designed to hold up in a foundry or waterjet environment
  • The 400L Model has greater overall reach, 3704 (over 600mm larger radius than the competitors SawJet unit) - this is essential to allow the RSJ-400L to miter a considerably larger area than the competition
  • M900iB-400L Based on M900iB high rigidity design with 1 piece J3 housing - the 400kG capacity is almost TWICE that of the competition's SawJet
  • Even the "small" Northwood SawJet, the RSJ-280L, has MORE payload capacity than the competition, and the same reach if not slightly more

So, why FANUC? Quite simply, they're the BEST