Northwood Three-Axis Roller Hold Down CNC Routers




Northwood Roller Hold Down Technology allows for machining part nests with smaller parts when vacuum flow-through is not enough.  The Quad-Roller system provides enough downward force during cutting cycles to even allow processing of stacked materials.  This means that the machine is capable of producing twice as many parts in one cycle.  Roller Hold Down technology is available on most Northwood Front to Back machines with table width up to 8ft wide.  If you are processing nested plywood or MDF sheets in a high-production environment, this machine has options like line drilling units and independently programmable drills that can increase efficiencies and decrease per-part cycle times.

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Northwood Three-Axis Roller Hold Down Industries

Wood - Northwood has a long history of providing equipment to the wood industry including furniture (solid wood and upholstered), custom windows and doors, cabinets, exhibits and store fixtures, and many other types of wood projects.


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