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The RSJ Series represents a big step forward in the Countertop Fabrication Industry from the name you trust, Northwood Machine.  This new product line of reliable, 6-axis Robotic SawJets combines exciting, state-of-the-art robotic technology with decades of stone fabrication experience and engineering, giving you the edge over your competition.



Coverings 2016 was a HUGE success - The SawJet 400L was a "must see" along with the SW138 Stone Router.  Sales at an all time high:

Northwood Machine Unveils the Robotic SawJet at the 2016 International Surface Event in Las Vegas


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Shown on the left, the RSJ-400L Model comes in a single-tank or dual-tank configuration with a leveling-capable tank and a pre-loaded grating system; and is safeguarded by Lexan barrier fencing and light curtains. The RSJ-400L features the Foundry Pro version of a FANUC M900 Series Robot arm, allowing it to withstand the harshest and wettest of environments.

To see the standard configurations and download Floorplans, go here.



close_up_saw_1.jpgThe RSJ-400L is equipped with a 20 horsepower saw-motor and 16-inch diamond blade for cutting stone slabs including marble, granite, and limestone. In addition, Northwood’s Smart Saw Feed Function uses dynamic force feedback to continuously vary linear cutting speeds, allowing the RSJ-400L to cut more difficult stone products like quartz and Dekton(tm). In addition to the saw-motor, the robot is equipped with an abrasive waterjet head from KMT Waterjet, and is powered by a 60,000 PSI Intensifier Pump. The garnet is fed from a pressurized reservoir to a motor-driven, metered feeder system proximate to the waterjet nozzle.

rsj logoThe RSJ-400L integrates a complete run of high-pressure stainless steel piping, including multiple high-pressure coils and coil-guides for extended life. The combination of the waterjet and the saw, along with the CNC control of the 6-axis robot, allows the RSJ-400L to cut both curved and straight elements across slabs up to 134” x 86” in size. This includes the ability to saw-miter up to 48 degrees across the full-length front of the slab.


screen with picture.jpgThe RSJ-400L is controlled by a FANUC 30iB robotic control system closely integrated with an industrial touchscreen PC. Northwood’s interface software and machine control allows an operator to quickly load and run part programs, as well as perform other machine tasks.

The RSJ-4000L automatically switches between the saw and waterjet as the condition demands, and blends the two cuts as a product of an easy-to-follow calibration routine. In addition, Northwood’s industry-leading StoneVision(tm) 3.0 software, coupled with Alphacam(tm) software by Vero Software, takes the difficulty and risk out of processing drawings or digitized data into machine toolpaths.


Northwood chose the M900iB-400L for it's Flagship model of Robotic SawJets - not only because of it's massive, 400kG Payload, but because of REACH.  If you can't "reach" the work, you can't DO the work.  At Northwood, we knew we had to solve the miter-challenge before hand, and are happy with the result - and we think you will be too!  Want to know more about why FANUC, click here!

Additional standard features include:

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