CNC Equipment for Energy and Defense Industries

Wind Energy

Northwood integrates CNC Machining Centers for any application.  Northwood's 3-Axis TA and 5-Axis FA Machining Centers are designed with the ability to accommodate any tool necessary to machine, trim, grind, or cut any material.  In the Wind Energy Manufacturing industry, Northwood has designed custom products that serve in hi-end manufacturing environments running up to 3 shifts per day.  Northwood provides every industry with the service and support necessary to run high-production volumes.

The ability of Northwood to understand the manufacturing application and design an efficient piece of machinery is unlike other manufacturers.  Northwood does not limit their machinery to certain makes and models, but instead has a core base product that can be adapted to fit any industry. To view some of the available options for our Machining Centers - visit TA 3-Axis Advanced Technologies and the FA 5-Axis Advanced CNC Technologies.

All Northwood Machining Centers feature the best standard components available in the machine tool industry.  FANUC servo motors and motion controls, high-precisions ground ballscrews and linear guides are at the core of every Northwood CNC.  For a full listing of standard features - visit Northwood Products Technologies.

Military and Defense

Northwood's CNC Machining Centers are involved in several Military and Defense manufacturing projects.  These projects include machining ballistic hardened aluminum, machining aluminum, cutting composites and trimming plastics. 

Northwood Vertical Milling Centers operate with a 20HP FANUC Driven Spindle capable of rigid tapping.  For composite parts, Northwood's High-Speed Moving Table 3-Axis CNC Machining Centers will dual tables can operate