Northwood CNC Machining Center Products

Northwood manufactures heavy-duty CNC Routers and CNC Machining Centers for the aerospace, wood, plastic, composite, and stone industries. These machines range from CNC Routers to large 5-Axis Machining Centers; from the exciting SawJET to CNC Stone Machining Centers; from Plate Processing Machinery to Highly Custom CNC Routers.

Northwood Machine is a name that means three things: "Made in the USA", high-quality standardized components, and great people. Made in the USA is extremely important, because it means the engineers, the assembly facility, factory technicians and service department are located in the U.S. That means you will get the support you need when you need it. High-quality standardized components are also a core of what we do at Northwood. The components that we select are the best available in the every aspect from the most respected brands in their respective industries. This means that the reliability and dependability that you need is guaranteed by each of the vendors that we select. Northwood works to maintain relationships with vendors that ensures we can continue to deliver the support you need long into the future. Lastly, good people means that Northwood has only factory trained technicians and support teams that care about customers and can deliver the results that you need.