About Northwood

Founded in 1988, Northwood entered the marketplace as a provider of heavy duty manual shop equipment for the wood working industry. After a few years of growth, this market became stagnant and shops were looking towards more innovative solutions to increase production and quality. In 1990, the decision was made to develop a CNC router. In 1991, the first Northwood CNC router was installed and began the challenge of building the highest quality CNC machining center available in the market.

Throughout the journey to present day, a continued focus on quality, reliability and unmatched customer service has made Northwood CNC Machining Centers the equipment of choice for companies throughout all industries.

Made in America

Northwood believes that “Made in the USA” translates to:

Northwood designs, fabricates, and assembles every machining center it manufactures in Louisville, Kentucky. Replacement parts are also stocked in Louisville, which ensures timely shipping to US customers. In the unlikely event that your machine goes down, Northwood’s skilled technical support representatives are just a domestic phone call away to identify the root cause of the problem, determine the appropriate solution, and get you back up and running quickly. This exceptional level of customer service is possible because Northwood's technical support representatives have built and installed machining centers and work at the same location as the engineers who design each piece of equipment. Who knows your machining center better than those one who conceptualized it from the very beginning and built it from the ground up?

Northwood Engineering Timeline

1990 Northwood Machine builds first CNC Machining Center. Louisville, KY
1993 Northwood integrates first Fanuc CNC Control and Servo system. Fanuc gives Northwood reliability. Mansfield, OH
1998 Northwood begins production with Precision Ground, Turning Nut Ballscrews - this allows Northwood to move the machine at speed much higher than capable with turning screw method. Redmond, WA
1999 Northwood develops cast-iron ballscrew integrated drive housing. This development create precision alignment of the ballscrew and the ballnut. Columbus, MS
2000 Northwood introduces the First N-138-S CNC Stone Machine for the Granite Countertop industry. Jackson, TN
2002 Northwood invents the Low-Profile Easy-Access SW-138 CNC router. This machine made loading and unloading granite slabs much easier with its ergonomic design. Phoenix, AZ
2003 StoneVision Advanced Software is introduced into the marketplace allowing for fast programming of multiple tools and Laser-Assist Pod Placement utilizing the Stone Industry's first overhead laser. Newburgh, NY
2004 The Extreme Duty Spindle (EDS) belt-driven 20HP spindle replace the spindle. The EDS allows for high-torque at low RMP and separated the electronic components from the spindle removing. Wilton, NY
2004 Northwood introduces Super Z Technology which allows fabricators to speed up profiling directly from the saw. York, PA
2004 Northwood manufacturers the first SawJET WJ-127 - an abrasive Waterjet plus CNC Saw. St. Charles, IL
2005 Northwood manufacturers the first Dual-Table SawJET - SJ257 with Two 12 foot by 7 foot work tables for high-volume production. Mount Airy, MD
2006 Northwood introduces STS - Smart Tool System that allows fabricators to have an entire profile set stored together as one carousel. Carousels can be loaded into the machine allowing for infinite tooling positions. Benton, KS
2006 Northwood develops Smart Saw Feed Function SSFF which allows the feed rate to automatically adjust based on the load that the saw is experiencing at the tool tip. Effingham, IL
2006 Northwood introduces Stone Fabricator Interface (SFI) - a custom operator package designed with easy-to-use buttons for the Stone Fabricator. Corry, PA
2007 Northwood develops the FabCenter - a CNC Stone Router with CNC Saw combo machining center. Chamois, MO
2008 Northwood integrates ATM - Automated Tool Management into CNC stone machine. This allows for infinite tooling configurations without dedicated carousels. Tool verification and association is handled via a wireless barcode reader. Owensboro, KY
2009 Northwood develops 138-AM - Architectural Millwork CNC for Natural Stone Industry with 30" Z-Travel standard, 16-pocket automatic tool changer and 50 Taper spindle. The large 50 taper spindle allows for larger tools when working in grinding applications. Spencer, IN
2009 Northwood introduces Gen 2 FabCenter - termed the Ultimate FabCenter (UFC) and features a dedicated direct drive High-Torque - SmartSaw. Las Vegas, NV
2009 Northwood introduces Flat Edge Polish (FEP) - a technology that is capable of producing line-free flat edge polish on even the most difficult materials. This process is only possible on a Northwood CNC. Las Vegas, NV
2010 Northwood re-invents the SawJET with the SJ127-LT - with new Low-Tank technology. Low tank technology lowered the worktable of the SawJET to allow for easy loading and unloading of material. Veazie, ME
2010 Northwood debuts PowerTilt on both the SawJET and the Ultimate FabCetner. Both machines are capable of tilting the saw and cutting at 45 degrees whenver the application demands. Shawnee, OK
2010 Northwood introduces Slab Camera System to located parts and visually verify location using an overhead camera system. Billings, MO
2011 Northwood debuts the SJ-270- a brand new Dual-Tank - SawJET with 270 degrees of accessibility. This new machine is a low profile machine designed from ergonomics and high-volume production. Solon, OH
2011 Slab Texturing - with the Extreme Duty Spindle capable of extremely high-torque at low RPM - the machine is capable of texturing, brushing, caressing, honing, and even polishing different types of stone. This new Slab Texture package is available on new machinery plus retro-fitable to existing equipment. Lousiville, KY
2011 Northwood releases NW Driver's Seat Software to put managers and owners of granite fabrication shops in the driver's seat of their business. This software tracks each part through fabrication and can notify via email alerts on a regular basis. Lousiville, KY
2012 Triple Threat - Ultimate FabCenter - The UFC now features CNC Profiling, CNC Sawing, and the brand new CNC Slab Texturing package. One machine is now capable of all three - a Triple Threat. Tuscoloa, MI
2016 Northwood introduces the world's largest, and strongest, 6-axis Robotic SawJet at the 2016 International Surface Event at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV

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