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The 5 Hottest Trends in Stone Design


Kitchen styles are always changing, and often are the first thing to show its age in a home. Stone fabricators are often the ones who know exactly what trends are big in the home décor industry, specifically kitchens and bathrooms. Being the ones installing the kitchens and working daily with the stone, you are the ones seeing what is coming in and what is getting replaced. We have identified five new trends in stone design, specifically in countertops, that you need to be prepared for by ensuring your stone CNC machine can handle them.

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Barcode Technology Makes Your Job Easier

The SawJet and FabCenter have Automated Tool Management that helps you organize your tools and jobs, and these four other ways it will make your life easier every day. Gone are the days when the wrong tool is selected, only to have it ruined. Now, the correct tool will be used for the right project, guaranteeing accuracy.

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